50 Shades of Poo

Seattle traffic is the WORST!!!

Well, to be fair, second worst. Read up on this Seattle-ites, we beat LA!

Last week, the viaduct was shut down for a week so Big Bertha could fart along for another 20 feet, causing Seattle traffic to become worse than a three car wreck on Jakarta’s main drag.

But today, today my friends, the viaduct is slowed down once again. And due to………yes…..

The filming of 50 Shades of Grey II: The Darker Side of Poo.

You have to be kidding me. Slowing us down again for this tripe? ARGH!!!

I mean if you were filming something cool, like this:

Sleepless in Seattle II: the Revenge of Walter- It turns out Tom Hanks is a serial murderer (I mean they really never knew each other). After playing it cool for years, his inner-demon needs to be sated, so he takes Meg Ryan to the top of the Space Needle ready to kill her. But right before he throws her off the Needle, Bill Pull/Paxman swoops in, saves Meg, roundhouse kicks Tom in the chest, and Tom falls ala Hans Gruber to his death. However Bill accidentally sneezes on her, making her sick, and dies of Ebola.

Now that’s a movie worthy of a viaduct closure.