Clown Assery

Gary Johnson is an ass clown. I know he seems like this cool third option that represents the anti-establishment to some degree. But trust me, he is clown of the ass variety.

Let me explain. I feel the three biggest issues in America are: 1) disparity of wealth in our country, 2) climate change, 3) international affairs such as ISIL.

Here are his ‘solutions’:

1. His economic plan is for no more taxes at all, except for a 23% sales tax on all products.

Every single economist thinks not only is that a terrible idea that will greatly benefit the rich and restrict the non-rich (aka: the non-1% of us with true wealth, not just good jobs), it will bankrupt the US government. I know some say ‘well rich people spend more, so that will make up the difference’. Short answer: no. Without getting into specifics, just think about it this way: you make 50K. You have to spend at least 30K to live a reasonable life. 60% of your income goes to living life and that 30k you spent is mostly taxed 23%. A really rich guy makes 5 mil. They would have to spend 3 mil to match the spending percentage. That never happens. But even if they do, they get taxed 23% on the money spent. Where is more of the government income coming from? Yes from one rich person, the government is getting more. But there are around 10,000+ times more people making 50k than making 5 mil. So the bulk of the government income will be coming from the middle to lower class. See, Gary Johnson is an ass clown.

2. His approach to climate change is make the government butt out and let the free market clean things up.

Yeah, I’m sure that will work. We all know how benevolent businesses are, just ask the FDA and their dealings with drug companies.See, Gary Johnson is an ass clown.

3. His worldly view of foreign affairs do not include Aleppo.

That is so amazing to me I still cannot believe it. Now if you didn’t know what is going on in Aleppo or where it is (Syria, tons of violence), well you should but it is excusable because… are not running for president!!! I mean really. That is so bad I can’t even wrap my head around his ignorance. See, Gary Johnson is an ass clown.

So if you think voting for the third party guy is some sort of protest or is ‘cool’, well the only protest you are making is to intelligent thought and the only thing cool about it is that you are wasting your vote on an ass clown.