Starr Witness

Remember that guy above? The one with the Emperor Palpatine robe on? Yeah, you know who he is. That’s Kenneth Winston Starr, or as I like to call him, K-Starr. He was the guy who led the charge against Bill Clinton and his affair with Monica Lewinski. Yes, that Ken Starr. The one who was on such moral high ground that he was losing his breath due to the altitude. Yes, that Ken Starr. The one so dead set on nabbing the evil and vial president who disgraced the world. Yes, that Ken Starr. The one who became Baylor University’s president; you know that school right? That holier than thou Baptsit school. The one in Waco. Waco….the Branch Davidians? That Waco.

Even though Baylor loves their Jesus, they also love their football. I mean any good Texas school loves their football. The problem is Baylor has not been historically a good team. I mean Texas, A&M, LSU, etc are all teams that have excelled for years, leaving poor Baylor with only their moral superiority to help them sleep at night. But thensomething happened. They got good.

And they got good. I mean real good. In fact they were revolutionizing the sport. They were scoring more points than any other team in the NCAA over the past 5 years. They won 10+ games their last 5 seasons, and have a Heisman winner. Times was good around the Branch Davidian compound. All of this offensive majesty was conducted by Art Briles; a genius amongst not-as-smart guys.

But some things are not as good as they appear. Sometimes you have to make a deal with the devil in order to achieve things you noramlly will never get.

Last week it came out that the Baylor football organization have been extremely negligent in their policing of their players. I will not list all the allegations, but this link will.

Pretty heavy stuff, huh? I’m no expert on morality, but rape is not good. And not reporting it to help aid your football team, well, let’s just say that is not what Jesus would do.

So what do you do….well fire the coach. Duh. Even though he was such a goood coach, you need to save some face, huh.

So what else do you do….well fire the president. I mean the president has to have some responsibility in all of this.

But wait..who is their president? Oh yeah, I read it above…Ken Starr!! You just can’t fire that guy. So they reassigned him to chancellor and let him keep his teaching gig at the same pay.

How in the hell did he dodge this bullet? This is a man who insisted he was the moral authority of DC. This is a man who was going to clean up the trash in the White House. But yet this is a man who cannot even monitor his own school, do his own job, and help police his own campus. WTF? I mean how does this guy do it? Not just avoid the scrutiny, but look himself in the mirror and not punch himself in the nose? Even Jesus is like ‘I don’t know this guy’. It just amazes me how some people in this world can do whatever they want with such little penalty. Well, Kenneth Winston Starr, I hope you are happy. Apparently you only care to use your powers of induction to blow the whistle on consensual sex, not systematic rape.