Summer Reruns

Ah yes, the GOP convention; a bastion of old white men (with some scattered minority token pieces just to cover some bases) telling America how much we need God, military, and how Democrats are ruining the world.

This year’s line-up is a virtual who’s who of American importance. Names like ‘that Duck Dynasty guy’, ‘cliche white representative from the ‘great state of blaaahhhh’’, and oh course Scott Baio. This first evening was bound to be memorable.

And it was.

After listening to a woman who personally blame Hillary Clinton for the death of her son (I guess people who suffer tragedy get to say anything they want with zero consequence), I thought things could not get more intense.

Then I saw Rudy Guiliani act the fool, hear his voice crack like Peter Brady when referring to keeping America safe, and just being…well…the media whore that is Rudy.

The pathos was flying everywhere, sans all logos, just like a good political convention should be.

Then this happened…..

Yes, the Donald appeared on the first day in great splendor to introduce his oddly plastic looking wife for her speech she claimed she ‘wrote on her own, with very little help’.

Little did we know ‘very little help’ in Slovenian terms means ‘copy verbatim’.

The only thing funnier than the fact the GOP faithful were brimming with pride after hearing her monotone delivery of her trite words (‘hope’, ‘work hard’, ‘respect’, etc), is the fact she stole those banal ideas word for word from Michele Obama’s oration 8 years ago, which was criticized by those same Republican pundits.

Now some many say this is a coincidence to Michele Obama. I am no stranger to this: my first self-published book ‘The Master of the Pendants’, an epic tale of a little brave man named Crodo that was sent on a quest to end the reign of the evil master Bauron by destroying a pendant in the fires of Danger Hill was met by critics with a raised eye. So I can sympathize a bit. But this speech was pure plagiarism for everyone to see.

So obviously the response by the Trump camp would be apologetic in tone and to scapegoat some lower level guy no one cares about.

But NO!!!! Complete denial was the response.

I just love this. A man comes out theatrically to ‘We are the Champions’ with more fanfare and pomp than a LBGT parade to set up a completely vapid and stolen message. Then to punctuate the event, deny all responsibility and accuse others of being unfair. This is exactly what the entire Trump campaign is in a microcosm. In other words, all show and no go.

Honestly I really don’t care about the actual act. I mean all these speeches sound the same to me. They all are derivative, never inspire me at all, and say absolutely nothing of substance. This is true with both parties. But to not acknowledge this and boldface lie about it when it is so obvious?

Well, it takes a special type of man to do that.