Victims Complex

Everyone likes to feel like a victim. Just look around you; minorities love to point out all the injustices in our society, women enjoy pontificating about the inequalities in the country, even Donald Trump likes to attach the ‘victim’ moniker upon himself about all of these recent accusations of harassment.

It is just something we as humans like to do; it absolves us from responsibility and places the onus on other uncontrollable factors. If you want to see this first hand, let me suggest watching a segment of AM Joy.

Anyway, me being a white male, am not allowed to feel this innate human reflex of victimization. Apparently I have too much going for me and any complaints fall on deaf ears.

Well, I want to experience that feeling of being a victim. I want to be granted that God-given right of feeling slighted by the world and unrepresented by society. But my genetic make-up will not allow this, as per the hoi polloi.


I found a way to achieve this. Oh don’t worry, it is not something made-up. I feel it is legit.

I feel I am being unrepresented in the government, and especially by the candidates for president over the years. Not because I am male. Not because I am white. But by the fact that I do not believe Jesus Christ is the son of God.

There has never been a candidate for president (and very few in federal office) that have not professed being a Christian. In fact, taking it one step further, in order to even run for president, you have to prove you are a man/woman of Christian faith by publicly going to church on Sunday, pray with other people, and have some sort of reverend or priest on your advisory counsel.

It is ridiculous. I thought we lived in a country that is defined by the separation of church and state, yet all, and I mean ALL, presidential candidates do not adhere to this. In fact, when Obama was rumored to be a Muslim (such a silly idea to begin with), the response was not ‘oh, that does not and should not matter’ by the Democrats. The response was ‘oh, don’t worry, he really is Christian. He is safe. He is a man of faith. He is one of us’. And yes, Obama fed into that as well.

I am not saying a belief in God is bad, or being spiritual is unreasonable. It is a deep and interesting discussion to have with rational people. But what I am saying is that is a specific belief, a belief that Christians have that by definition means you think Jesus is the son of God (and all the other Bible stuff that goes with that), has to be the central part of your faith or else you have no chance of being the leader of the free world.

So yes, I am saying it. I am a victim. I am underrepresented in this country. I want to see an election where the religious faith element is null and void. I want to see a candidate brave enough to step up and offer rational and real solutions without being fettered by outside Christian forces. I want a country with a true separation between church and state.

Still don’t think I am victim? Hmmm…well, did I mention I am 2/15ths Native American?