What's the Big Deal?

Well, it is the first Tuesday after the first Monday on a Leap Year, so you what it is….YES!! It is Election Week here at the Spew, so you can imagine this week we are focusing on all things….election-y. And as a reminder, go vote!! Unless you are voting for things I disagree with , then don’t vote!!

I have been writing a lot of things on here about how much I do not like, respect, or even acknowledge Trump as a reasonable choice for president. But I think it is only fair to have a one-on-one discussion for all the readers here that actually like and may vote for Trump.


To the readers here who will vote for Trump:

You know, voting is not that big of a deal. There are literally millions of people that are casting ballots, your one vote really doesn’t matter. Also most states are already decided due to all the sophisticated polling we have now.

Finally, as your candidate says, the election is already rigged. So why even bother waiting in line and wasting time doing something that really doesn’t matter at all.

My suggestion to you is stay home and just relax. None of this matters anyway.

OK, now we got them out of the way…….

Please vote!!! We can’t have that guy in charge of anything.