White Men Can't Vote

There is a bit by Chris Rock where he says whenever he turns on the local news and there is a report of an arrest, he thinks ‘please don’t be black, please don’t be black….AWWWWWW NO!’.

When I turn on the national news and I hear a breakdown of the voting demographics after a Trump gain in the polls, I think ‘please don’t be white men, please don’t be white men…..AWWWWWWW NO!!!!’.

What the hell is going on with my white brethren? Are we that stupid as a voting bloc? It turns out that about 55% of white males are voting for Trump, give or take a few percentage points.

Now the majority is that about 70% of white blue collar males (I prefer the media term of ‘uneducated’, but I’ll be nice) are voting for Trump, which means the bulk of that 55% is coming from people who are in a socio-economic position that Trump has taken advantage of over and over again through his real estate development.

That is something I never get; the innate need of so many people to vote against their best interests. Granted, the Democratic party is a party of East Coast elitists that have lost touch with the working man, but to think Trump is some beacon of light for the white working class is downright asinine. Trump is the exact definition of an East Coast Yankee who only cares about himself and bullying the system to his benefit and to the detriment of the common folk.

So why is his fanbase mainly built on a demographic that he has nothing in common with? I think it is time to call it like it is; because these people are stupid.

Yes, I said it. No more trying to soften the message by saying things like ‘oh, this group has lost so much hope, they just want to see a shake up in DC’, or ‘this is a forgotten demographic and they are finally hearing someone speak to them’, or any of that piffle. These people who actually think Trump is honest, a ‘tell-it-like-it-is’, and worthy candidate are stupid. These are the people that watch QVC and think when the host slashes the price of that ‘gold’ bracelet 80%, they jump. These are the people that when receiving a call about a free trip to Dollywood, they give out their credit card number and social on the spot. These people believe global warming is a farse. And why do they believe all of this nonsense? Simply put, because they want it to be true. Well guess what? It is not true. None of it.

So to all those people that are looking at my voting demographic with utter contempt and confusion, all I can say is ‘I’m sorry. We all are not like that’.