You So Crazy

You have to love Donald Trump.

I haven’t commented on him for about 2 weeks and this is what happened during that time:

  • He asks Russia for help to find Hillary’s missing emails

  • He implies that second amendment supports should have a call to arms against Hillary

  • He continues to bash the Khan family

  • He says Obama ‘literally’ founded ISIS

  • The next day he said he was sarcastic about that

  • That very day, he said he wasn’t really sarcastic

  • He unveils a tax plan that is very dangerous to the middle class and very beneficial to the upper class (only Gary Johnson’s plan is worse…but to be fair it is FAR worse read this before you fall in love with a thrid party guy)

  • He said ‘titties’ instead of ‘cities’ after talking about appointing his daughter to be a head of a council

  • He is trying to coin the phrase ‘extreme vetting’, which no one, including Trump, has yet developed a definition for

I probably even missed a few, but regardless that is a fountain of material.

I never watched ‘The Apprentice’ due to the fact reality TV is all around awful. However if it was half as entertaining as Trump’s campaign, then I may have to go back and see a few.

Witnessing his campaign and his unbridled idiocy is like watching the birth of a farm animal: gross, disgusting, and feels like something that humans should not gawk at, yet you have to because it is so bizarre and alien to anything we have ever seen before.

I don’t know what is funnier: seeing Trump shit on himself on a daily basis or seeing the Republican support still trying to salvage this sinking ship. Some have safely pulled a Billy Zane in Titanic and shoved off the women and children from the life boats to make way for themselves. But some are pulling a DiCaprio and are going to die in the frozen water of Trump’s inanity.

So with that in mind, next week I will have a guest commentator that loves to defend Trump; my arch-nemesis the ‘Tacoma Tirade’. Stay tuned next week to hear what he has to say. It is bound to be hilarious.