I'm Back!!! Finally............

After a month, I’m, finally back!!

So why was I gone so long? Well………

  • I was in Tucson for a week in early November

  • I immediately turned around and went to LA for a week

  • Thanksgiving holiday

So there you go, good enough excuse?

Probably not. But remember this is a free read, so you get what you pay for, huh?

Anyway, during this time, something happened to me that completely took me by surprise.

Right before my LA trip, I got my flu shot. Now I haven’t had a flu shot in a few years because, well, I’m a frickin’ dynamo!! And also I forgot.

But I remembered this season.

So I got my shot, flew to LA, and felt OK. Until………..

My entire left arm could not move!!!

This must be some side effect my body has to this version of the serum. I thought I may be paralyzed for life. I mean I have heard of people getting a tad ill after the injection, but not a complete paralyzation of the arm! Then I do what any sick person does; go online to see what ails me.

Apparently having your shoulder completely out of whack after a shot is not uncommon. In fact due to the sinewy nature of my arm, my shoulder would be more susceptible to this type of turmoil (or at least I like to think so).

At first this came as a relief; faith in retaining movement on my left has been restored. However another thought crossed my mind; why was I not warned about this?

I mean we as human beings like to have the facilities of both our right side and our left side. Why wouldn’t there be warnings about an injection being potentially compromising one of my flanks? I feel I was tricked: if I knew this going in, I maybe would not have received said injection right before my huge trip to LA. I mean how could I play beach volleyball with Val and Tom if my left wing was incapacitated?

Anyway, after a few day (YES, more than 1 day) my ham hock was once again operational. But still I feel like I was ill-informed and pretty much cheated out of 3 days of left-arm activities.

Moral of the story: do NOT get your flu shot unless you are willing to sacrifice an entire side of your body.