The Big Soup

Every day for the past year I eat the same thing at work: 12 oz big soup, roll, and 2 hard-boiled eggs. Sometimes I supplement this lunch with a Twix or Snickers, but for the most part this is my lunch.

So you may ask ‘where do you get the soup?’. You also may ask ‘who gives a shit?’. But let’s go with the first question.

I get the 12oz soup at the cafeteria downstairs. They always have 3 soups in their pots, so I get a nice selection.

Anyway, today something huge happened: they introduced another size!!!

This pretty much changes the entire structure of my lunch. For what was once a mildly filling lunch has now turned into a slightly more filling lunch. 4oz more filling to be exact!

Now of course this also changes the cost structure as well (you know as well as I do that more soup = more $). So the question is; is it worth the added charge to fill my tummy with more soup?

Well, here is the pricing:

  • 8 oz = $3.50

  • 12 oz = $4.00

  • 16 oz = $4.50

A no-brainer!!!!! I mean for an extra $.50, you get 33% more. But what is even more overt is that for an extra dollar, you double the amount of soup (8oz to 16oz).

This is rather absurd pricing. Let’s break this down per oz:

  • 8 oz = $.4375 per oz

  • 12 oz = $.3333 per oz

  • 16 oz = $.2813 per oz

You have to be kidding me? Anyone who orders the small should be hanged publicly right on the spot while we all throw tomatoes at their soon-to-be rotting corpse!!

OK, that’s probably a bit too harsh. I’ll take it down a notch.

But it is safe to say that the smart purchase, by far, is the large.

Now this faux pas in pricing certainly is an advantage for me, seeing that my once meager lunch has now been bolstered to a not-as-meager-as-before-mentioned lunch for literally pennies.

Spew - 1; Lunch Room - 0.