'I Love NY' Week: Personal

I’m finally back!!!!

After two solid weeks of travel, and a few days of catching up with work, I am back to spewing.


Hope you missed me just a tad because I have definitely missed writing on here for those weeks. Such a build up……..

Anyway, before I get started on waxing poetically on the world, it’s faults, and whatnot, I feel have to at least address my recent voyages to Denver and the NYC. As you know, I am not one to really delve on things too personal and individual on here, but I owe it to you to at least briefly recap where my world has taken me.

First off, my trip to Denver. Great trip, saw the Hawks play poorly, but also saw some great family and friends. Definitely worth my time.

Now on to the main event; New York City.

This entire week I will spend my time recounting my thoughts on this massive city, itemized as I do all things on the Spew. But before I delve into the different categories, let’s go over the things I did on this trip. Boring, I know, I always hate when people insist on showing pictures/slide shows of their travels. Like you bragging to me about your experiences are so thrilling to me. Regardless, endure me for a moment:

  • Went to the US Open

  • Saw my all-time favorite show at the Lincoln Center; My Fair Lady

  • Poked around the Met for a few days

  • Visited the Downton Abby touring museum

  • Drank at some interesting watering holes in Brooklyn and Queens

  • Ate at a few amazing restaurants

  • Took the subway……….a lot

  • Walked around Manhattan and saw various sites (Central Park, 30 Rock, Wall Street, Radio City, Times Square, etc)

  • Ate street pizza and pretzels

  • Went up the World Trade Center

  • Saw a Golden Girls faux-revival show…..yeah I actually did

  • Visited the 9/11 museum

I am probably even missing a few other things, but there is the gist of it.

Without getting into details, I’ll just say this about my first trip to the east coast…..it was AWESOME!!!!

I absolutely love the lifestyle there; fast, hyper-efficient, and no-nonsense. This is not to say I ever found the people there rude or standoffish. In fact I did not sense that stereotype at all. New York City is a great place to go and I loved almost every minute of it (sans the awful pretzel I ate…fuck that guy!). I will definitely return to the NYC as soon as I feel the need.

West meets East; I extended the olive branch and it was readily accepted. Thank you New York for the experience.

But I still hate that east coast bias……………………..