I don’t get it. I simply do not get it.

Whenever I read a profile, either on-line or on some sort of dating app or whatever, almost everyone describes themselves as ‘outdoorsy’, ‘active’, and ‘likes to go out and have fun’. And as you can imagine, these types of things are usually done on the weekend.

Say what?

See, this just baffles my brain. I mean you have all of this free time on the weekend to NOT do things like hike, kayak, bike, swim, etc. Why not simply stay in bed and relax?

All of those activities sound so exhausting. I mean to get out of your bed and approach the day always sounds immediately like you are putting yourself into a sub-optimal situation that you were in before (comfy bed > not comfy bed). But to them actually go out and expend energy, voluntarily I may add, by doing….things….sounds awful. It just makes so much more sense to invest more time in your previously comfortable situation, lay in bed in a state of torpor for as long as you can, until you either have to pee or get something to eat.

But nooooooooooooo. These people aren’t maximizing the comfort level life at all; instead of enjoying as is, they are selfishly leaving a great warm-bed situation to do things like pick juneberries, climb mountain tops, or whatever people ‘do’ when they are out of bed.

I used to think that I was the one wasting my day by sleeping in, eating, and watching tv in bed. After reading all of those profiles and seeing how so many people identify themselves in such a different way, I felt like I was in the wrong. So I tried being ‘active’. Once. It sucked. It was tiring and I received no reward. I then learned my lesson; it was not me would is in the wrong….it is everyone else in the world.

So my message to all those people who like to ‘do things’, ‘live life’, and ‘accomplish things’ on their weekend…..You are definitely missing out!!