Is It Warm In Here Or Is It Just Me?

I swear I do not understand bus riders here in Seattle.

When I go to the bus, I am wearing a long sleeved shirt and peacoat for the typical 40 degree winter weather, maybe even my Seahawks beanie if a bit colder. But when I enter the bus, I have to take off my coat because it is like about 80+ degrees inside. Makes sense, right? I mean I’ll spend about 30 minutes on this ride, so wearing a thick coat in this heated area seems silly.

But yet………..

Everyone on the bus is STILL wearing their coats, toques, mittens, scarfs, etc. What?!?!?! This makes no sense at all. It is literally hotter than it is during the summer inside this sauna, yet these commuters feel the need to keep on their winter attire. So I look like the oddball here, taking off my coat, carrying it on the bus, trying to prepare so I don’t have to take off this thing while ON the bus, bumping into people with my arms, etc. Why are these people fully clad in winterwear inside this crowded area?

I don’t like this.

I have no idea if this is comfy for them at all. I mean these are the same people that carp about any weather above 75 and below 65; a bunch of weather wimps if you ask me. So logically they have to be hot inside this inferno. Are they afraid of the social stigma that comes with a coatless look inside the bus? Do they feel more burdened with a coat on their lap than a coat draped across their torso, warming up their body temperature to 100+ degrees?

I mean the reality is that we spend more time on the bus (or indoors) than we do outside waiting for the bus. If anything, we should be dressing for the bus and work and be less concerned about the 10 minutes or so of being in cold weather. But to make all of this easier is if the bus targeted a similar temperature as outside. Maybe not 40, but there is no need for the 80 degree crap. This way, we can comfortably wear our outside clothes inside. No need to concern yourself with different levels of garb for your commute. Problem solved, right? Yeah, I wish.

I don’t think any institution has ever conditioned their interior temperature to what people will be wearing outside. In fact places do the opposite. Hot outside? Blast the inside with AC and make everyone shiver with summer attire. Cold outside? Pulsate the room with heat to make everyone with winter attire bake.

It just doesn’t make any sense.