Gimme Back My Hour!!!

Yesterday is my favorite holiday of the year: Fall Daylight Savings Time!

Why do I love this day so much? Well, the fact I finally don’t have to wake up 3 hours before the sun rises and go to bed right when the sun sets, now I can wake up 2 hours before the sun rises and go to bed an hour after the sun sets certainly helps!

But there is another reason; free hour!

So what did I do with my gifted 60 minutes? Well……

First off, I started writing the great American novel. After that, I continued my work in the field of time travel (almost got it, fingers crossed!). Then I found the cure for cancer….only pancreatic, have to wait until next year for lung. Then I read Moby Dick again, gotta love that crazy whale! After all of that, I made some crepes for the homeless, played kickball with some orphans down the street, did some advising at the battered women’s shelter, and finally found out who murdered Joan Benet-Ramsay (it was the butler….of course!!!!).

Anyway, it was quite the hour for sure.

The only thing that stresses me out about this day is 5 months later I will be losing that hour on the worst holiday of them all; Spring Daylight Savings Time.

God I hate that day. I will soon be waking up well before dawn, going to bed midday, and have to halt all my work in the biosciences, theoretical physics, and all charities just so I can recoup what that pending hour will take away from me.

I think Spring Daylight Savings Time is one of the stupidest idea Ben Franklin ever came up with, next to wanting the Turkey to be the national bird and having sex with that French prostitute that gave him Syphilis. But I do think Fall Daylight Savings Time is one of the best idea Ben Franklin ever had, next to bifocals and the glass harmonica.

Anyway, I hope you made the best of this gift yesterday.. Unless you are in Arizona, which means you got nothing!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!