I Think My Dog Thinks She is a Cat, I Think

I think the title says it all, at least I think so.

Anyway, why does this cross my mind? Well, here is some evidence to that matter:

  • When my dogs to the bathroom outside, she kicks the ground with her back legs like cats do in kitty litter. I don’t know why she does this; there is no dirt around to cover the poo and I have never taught her to do this. Maybe she picked this habit up from TV, or maybe she thinks that is what a proper….cat…..would do. Hmmm….

  • She tries to jump on the counter to get to treats. Cats are much more agile than my goofy dog, but the constant failure of landing on said counter top does not dissuade her from thinking she is not of the feline ilk.

  • She has a cat-esque attitude towards me. She is sometimes very warm and likes to be petted, even walking through my legs. Other times she wants to be left completely alone. So fickle, so hot-and-cold, so…..cat-like?

  • She sheds. A lot. I know dogs shed, but not like this. I think she goes out of her way to shed, just to make me mad.

  • She is very independent. Cats don’t need people like dogs do. Although my dog would starve in a day without me because she doesn’t have cat abilities, I think she thinks she could survive. She usually sleeps in the other room at night and when I come home she is seems content watching Animal Planet in my bed.

  • She cleans herself with her paw constantly. Cats are very fastidious when it comes to hygiene, and my dog is no different. Not all dogs are that into cleanliness, but all cats are…..

  • When I was a kid I thought all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. That is obviously not true. But maybe my dog thinks that…..

Anyway, I think that is enough evidence for anyone to at least question my dog’s lack of belief about her being of the canine persuasion. I am not sure what this means long-term; she is already set in her ways so to drill some level of self-actualization into her little dog brain is more than likely fruitless.

Regardless, here is my dog, and I think she thinks she is a cat.