Fade to Black

Phew, it looks like we all survived the first onslaught of advertising known to the free world as ‘Black Friday’. For the past month, you could not avoid the constant barrage of sales, deals, and virtual steals that were being broadcast out to the buying public. Although the savings extravaganzas are not quite done (post-‘Black Friday’ deals always ensue), at least the aggressive bargain assault will be put to bed for the year.

I guess I never really understood the appeal of Black Friday.

First off, the name itself, ‘Black Friday’, does not make me want to partake in the voluminous bargos swirling around the country. I mean remember Black Tuesday? Of course you don’t!! No one reading this is over 100 years old. But you may remember reading about Black Tuesday; stock market crash and the Great Depression hit. Doesn’t sound like a fun time, huh? Well, I am glad I did not have to experience that Tuesday of a darker shade and hopefully will never have to endure a Friday of the same hue.

Secondly, I question how great all of these deals are. I mean if Wal-Mart is selling a 56’ HDTV for $400 (min 5 per store), ask yourself ‘why’? Does Wal-Mart have a terrible business model and likes to give shit away? Are they now a charitable organization that is now supplying the public with electronics at a can’t-lose price? Or maybe, just maybe, there is something else going on here. Any time I see a sale, such as ‘once $100, now only $50’, all that tells me is that this thing is NOT worth $100. Granted, some of the Black Friday sales are sold below cost, but remember, there are only a few in stock and really all these brick-and-mortar places just want you in the doors to buy some of their other crap.

Finally, what is the value of a buck? I feel Black Friday distorts how we view money and needs. I mean if I see a laptop for $200 instead of $400, why do I now want a laptop? I mean when it was $400, I didn’t care at all. But now I’m willing to part with $200 just to get something I don’t need? Also, I like to think my time is worth more than $20 an hour. If I have to wait outside a store like a dog waiting for a treat, that is easily 8 hours of time that is not enjoyed. Is that really worth $200+ of ‘savings’? I say no!! I have a degree. I get paid more than $20 an hour (well, since I quit teaching). And no, I do not need Law and Order Season 10 on Blu-Ray for $10. I do not need the Hunger Games in hardback for $15. And no, I do not need more tube socks, 10 for $1. I’ll wait 0 hours to not get all of that stuff.

Yeah, yeah. I get that Black Friday has a sort of event appeal to it. But what you may call pageantry I call……….


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