Feel Sorry For Me, Not Them

Have you heard those stories about people who have had it all and them lost it?

You know those stories; a man (or woman) has all the talent or money you would ever need, has some success, then loses it all?

In athletics, the guy loses his talent. In entertainment, the guy loses out on parts or no one cares about their music anymore. In business, the guy loses on a big deal. In love, the guy loses out due to some mistake. Etc……

A lot of the time people say they feel sorry for that person; the idea of almost having it all only to lose it.

Well I say hogwash to that!!!

Why in the hell should we ever feel sorry for someone who had all of that…ever? I mean they had to experience a great time in their life where they were important, rich, or whatever. You know how many people on this earth ever get that chance? Like pretty much <1% of people get that opportunity.

This included me. I want people to start feeling sorry for me!!! I never had fame like Milli Vanilli, or arm talent like Felix Hernandez, or acclaim like Lindsay Lohan, or power like Vortigern. Why does anyone feel a lick of sympathy for those people who were handed so much fame and fortune when there is me who never got anything such?

The point is that there is a finite amount of sympathy we as a culture can hand out. I say save that sympathy for the far more deserving people like me. I’ll be gracious, I am sure you deserve some sympathy as well. Let’s just stop feeling sorry for people who don’t deserve it.