Nothing Fun About That Run

God I hate fun runs.

First off, there is nothing ‘fun’ about a ‘run’. It is tiring, makes you achy, and is just an overall not a good time.

Secondly, these things typically revolve around some sort of cause that really has nothing to do with the run. Fundraisers that involve ‘every mile I run, you donate $100 to my charity’ don’t make any sense; the condition that one will only donate IF the participant runs x miles has nothing to do with heart disease research or the Salvation Army. It is all silly to me, just donate if you want and stop running around in circles for no good reason.

Finally, the worst thing about these runs is that they close down certain streets so these holier-than-thou asses can trot around high traffic areas.

I fell victim to these closures this past weekend.

On the way to the gym Sunday morning, half the roads I needed were blocked off by police for some damn fun run. Now you can imagine that a city like Seattle, when roads close, bad things can happen. And they sure did………..

I was 10 minutes later than expected for the gym. What the hell is that all about? In my head, this fun run better be for a great cause, like for babies dying of cancer or for whiskey awareness. I mean this 10 minute delay should not be in vain.

Know what it was for?


A chocolate fun run.

Granted, I like me some chocolate, as long it is of the milk variety. But to have a fun run for it? And to block off major streets for this? That is so fuckin’ stupid it is insane. Only in Seattle I guess. And maybe Portland.

But man, I hate these fun runs, bicycle races, or anything that involves a completely avoidable inconvenience for the masses for no good reason.