Gymtime Stories: Part XII-The Talkers

Welcome to Gymtime Stories: Part XII of a CCXIII part series.

Part XII: The Talkers

OK, so I know I have talked about hens, cluckers, or talkers at the gym before. But this instance is a bit different. Why, well it can be extrapolated well beyond the confines of the gym and it directly involves me.

There is this guy who goes to the gym at the same time as I do. He is a clucker; talks to everyone and anyone at all times. Nothing too interruptive; he says off the gym equipment during these gab sessions. But regardless, he is a talker.

So guess what? I am now ensnared in his web of yakkery.

How did this happen? Well, one day he asked me about my car (in the lot post-workout). I get that a lot about my car. Anyway, I said it is a cool car for Arizona but rough for Seattle.

That was it.

Apparently he and his wife (?….I thought he may be gay…….still not convinced) are buying a house in Arizona. So for the next 20 minutes we were talking about Arizona (mainly his future house), and parted ways.

Well, guess what? The next day I found myself in another conversation, but this time IN the gym. Yes, and this conversation started during my time between sets. Subject matter……more Arizona….and his house. 10 minutes elapse before I was exit the discussion with grace and return to my lift.

To be fair, he is a very nice man, who may or may not be gay, and talking to him is actually fun. I mean he chews eveyone’s ear in the place between sets and there is nothing overtly wrong with that. But how does one shorten these conversations without being a rudy-rude-face?

This goes well beyond the gym. Whether be at a dog park, a gym, a bus stop, or at work, or anywhere you attend at a regular time frame, there are regulars. When one of the regulars is a chatter, how does one disengage from the engagement without hurt feelings? I mean you may want to talk again with them, but for maybe half the time that is regularly allotted to your idle banter.

Honestly, this is something no one can answer. I am sure Plato wrote about such things in his Republic, or Sir Thomas Aquinas mused about conundrums, all with no avail.

So the best solution I have is to grit and bear it. Take one for the sake of humanity.

You are welcome.