Here Comes the Stress

Weddings are supposed to be a beautiful time; a time when a man and a woman (or same sex, I really don’t care, just don’t get all up in my shit ok? This is not the point of the post) want to express their love to all their family, friends, and the people they feel they have to invite or else they will hear about it later, eat some cake, get some cool gifts, and start their new life. So why is it so stressful to plan these things?

I mean from an outsider’s perspective, it seems easy enough. You invite some people, get a priest, grab a dress, throw some flowers around some grassy area you rent, hire a guy with an extensive playlist on their iPod, and serve up some grub. I mean what can that cost….$300 or so?

Well apparently I am out of touch. If you didn’t know, these things are far more complicated than they seem. You have to organize all sorts of things; colors for the wedding, different food options, rent the correct place (and not just any place), get the flowers to match the colors, get a guest list, send out the invites using the right color scheme, etc, etc, etc…

Total sum of an average wedding? $26,444.

Say what? Yes. $26,000+. That is the same price as a high-end Fod Focus. That’s ridiculous.

Even worse, check out this stat:

Total amount of stress on the loving couple? A ton.

Yes, it is a lot. Much more than ‘a little’ or even more than ‘a lot but not a ton’.

Why even do these things? There seems to be no purpose? The cost is so high for one night, everyone has to travel in and spend their money, and the stress on the couple is…again… a ton.

Well, I went to a wedding last night and it was great. I am sure the cost was high, the stress was higher, but it was great. It was a joy to see my good friend be so happy on his awesome day, to see old friends again, and see two families come together in a real show of affection.

Thank you very much for the invitation to this special event, Greg and Roxanna. I wish you only the best of luck for the future and a lifetime of happiness.