I Wish I Was Homeless

I wish I was homeless.

Sounds weird, but here in Seattle, homeless people rule the city. They get all sorts of rights and privileges that we working folk don’t get.

The homeless get to:

  • Jaywalk and reel around busy streets without any penalty.

  • Litter all across the city. Whether it is on the streets with cigarettes, spit, or food containers. Or whether it is in residential areas with syringes, toilet paper, or food containers. Either place, the homeless use the world as their personal trash receptacle.

  • Park their RV anywhere without any parking tags or time limit. Yeah, they never get towed because….they rule the city.

  • Don’t pay any taxes on their RV ‘homes’. They can live anywhere they want in the city tax-free.

  • Can yell obscenities as passer-bys and hide under the idea that they are victims or crazy.

  • Get to ride the bus for free.

  • Get to ride the bus with a seat because people move away from them.

  • Never have to shower.

  • Have a little community of support.

  • Don’t need to work.

  • Get to use drugs, and have a city government that will actually pay for and build ‘safe-zones’ to inject themselves with their drugs.

  • And the best thing………………..they receive sympathy and pity from everyone. God, who doesn’t love to be felt sorry for.

Now to be fair, not everyone in the city is so pro-homeless. However there is enough friends for the homeless in high places to ensure the fact that they have greater rights than the middle class and that hundreds of millions of dollars will be pumped into their coffers to keep the homeless in their higher status.

Yes children, don’t listen to those messages like ‘work hard’ and ‘don’t do drugs’. Why bother? If you do all of those ‘wrong’ things, look at all of the prizes you get: free bus, live anywhere you want, never have to pay taxes, and people feel bad for you.

Damn, I wish I was homeless.