I'm Sick of It!

When I was younger, I would rarely get sick. Most kids would take 8-10 days off from school in a year. I would take 2-4….if that!!! When I was sick, I really wasn’t and STILL went to school. Other than the fact my parents would make me go, that was the type of mentality I approached a day; no illness is going to stop me from what I want to do! Even if it means infecting all the other kids, I was going to school.

As I got older, my immune system became steelier. Two to four days off a year turned into never. NEVER! I would go to school, go to work at the bowling alley, go home, and do it over. Every day. All the time.

As a teacher, my resistance to disease elevated to iron-clad status. I would teach, coach, repeat. Even with strep throat, I would teach, coach, repeat.

However today things are different.

What once was a suit of armor made of white blood cells has now withered into a mealy coat of rags that protect me from nothing.

I think this started when I first moved to Seattle. Changing climates can be harmful to one’s health. So when the arid landscape of Arizona morphed into the moist wetlands of Washington, it was natural to think I would get bit under the weather.

And I did. Three time in my first 2 months.

Booooo!!! A very bad omen indeed. But it did not just stop there; in the past 4 years of living in the Emerald City, I have calculated that I get sick up to 4x more than I used to in Arizona.

I am not sure why this is the case. Maybe riding the bus is harmful to my health. Maybe all the moist worm-like critters creeping around freaks out my immune system and reverts it into a passive state. Or, the most obvious, maybe my body is still not handling the weather quite right.

But then…..I got sick in Tucson on my trip. The final day I was feeling that dreaded tickle in the back of the throat that portends of ill things to come.

So it seems like my most recent fit of illnesses is NOT due to a city/climate effect. So what could it be?

Well, there is one more exclamation; I’m old. Yes, sadly it must be the slow erosion of my body and the fact that it is breaking down at an accelerated pace. There is nothing I can do about this other than complain online. It is just a sad reality that I must face; I may not survive past this post.

So if I miss a day of writing, assume the worst. Send me flowers, candy, and money because the reason for my dereliction of posting is most likely due to a sudden and possibly fatal illness. And if it is not, please be thankful that I am OK.

But again, make sure to send me some candy.