But It's Soooooo Close

Have you ever bitten your tongue? Hurts, don’t it?

I mean it really hurts.

And it hurts for a long time. Like it takes days before you feel comfortable chewing your food again at your accustom rate.

Yes, it really sucks when you bite your tongue. But if you stop and think about it for a bit, it is amazing that we don’t bite our tongue more often.

I mean the tongue…..it’s sitting right there next to your teeth! I mean right there. In fact no other part of your body is located closer to your teeth than your tongue.

Yet we still manage to miss biting the tongue.

Also the tongue is moving around your mouth all the time, right into harms way of your teeth. When you speak, that tongue is dodging in and out of the tooth zone with your mouth moving up and down.

Yet we still manage to miss biting the tongue.

When you chew, your tongue is literally moving the food around your mouth into the tooth zone. The mouth is moving up and down, but in this situation the teeth are far more active, chomping away at your food with your tongue doing its best Millenium Falcon impression, almost getting tagged by the Imperial Fleet.

Yet we still manage to miss biting the tongue.

It really is an amazing thing how often we DON’T bite our tongue. It is not even like we think about how our tongue is moving most of the time; we just have this innate sense of tooth-to-tongue avoidance that we all have ingrained in us since birth. Maybe this is due to evolution, lesser Homo Erectus or whatever could never procreate due to inferior tongue/tooth coordination. Maybe our human brain is so far advanced that this very complex motor skill is so effortless.

I am not sure what the reason is, but I am very thankful that I, and most of my fellow humans, rarely bite their tongue.

Because it really really really hurts!!!