I Have a Murse

I have a murse.

I am not particularly proud of this fact. But yes, I indeed own a murse.

Now you may ask ‘why in God’s name do you have a murse? What do you think you are, some sort of male model, gallivanting around town like a Frenchman?’.

Trust me when I say it is not for any statement of fashion.

For Christmas, I received some headphones. Some really good headphones; you know the one’s that noise cancel and such.I listen to music and podcasts every day on the bus and at work, so these headphones are pretty much the most important thing I own. And they are really good.

The issue is that they are big. So big that I cannot simply put them in my pocket when I reach my destination. I mean if I go to a restaurant or show via the bus, I am not going to be wearing the cans on my ears when I arrive. And also, trust me when I say you NEED headphones on the bus. In other words, where do I put them?

Well, in the cover that came with it of course.

But then where do you put that hard cover? Well, apparently in a murse.

See, it is like buying a cat to get rid of the mouse, then buying a dog to chase the cat. then buying a lion to chase the dog. Sure, he mouse situation is gone, but now you are stuck with a lion. Well, in this analogy, the lion is my murse.

So is sporting a man-purse ala Pepe LeArtsy worth it?

Well, it turns out that it is. Other than housing my elite headgear when hitting my destination, I can also harbor other worthwhile things like an umbrella, a hat, extra battery life for my cell, and other goodies that may prove to be useful later on.

So yes my friend, I own a murse. Again, this is not a source of pride or a cry for attention. But when burdened with awesome and essential headphones, one must make the best of a situation.