People Better Than Me: Part III

This is a new 789 part series of posts that explore all the people in society that are better than I am.

Part III

During the early 1900’s, India was ruled by the UK (so funny how that little island had their footprint around the entire world), and that did not make too many people happy, especially a little man named Mohandas Gandhi.

After being a civil rights activist in South Africa for 21 years, he ventured back to his homeland and started his rebellion there with his non-co-operation movement towards the Brits. He led a march to Dandi to pick up some salt for free because..well…the English taxed salt. What is the deal with the UK and taxes? Anyway, he also fasted a lot. But I think you already knew all of this thanks to Ben Kingsley.

So why am I mentioning him? Well, I think it is very fair to say that Gandhi is a person who is better than I am.

Not only did I never lead a movement to free others from oppression, I also probably would have just caved in to the English and just did what they asked. I mean I sort of like the Brits, and to actively rebel against an unjust cause just requires so much effort. I mean walking all the way across India to get some free salt? I would just pay the tax. To not eat in protest? That may sound like a great diet plan at first, but at some point I am sure I would have had a burger and fries.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of oppression, especially if I was the one being oppressed. But there are things I prefer over fighting for a cause, like eating and sleeping in. I think I could take a little bit of oppression if the payoff is not doing anything active for the day.

But not Gandhi!!! He had motivation, strong sense of social duty, and a very weak appetite; the three hallmarks of any great leader. So Gandhi, I tip my proverbial hat to you, because you sir are a far better person than I could ever be.

Except for that weird stuff he did with those young women at the end of his life. Not going to lie, sort of a perv. But probably still better than me.