People Better Than Me: Part II

This is a new 789 part series of posts that explore all the people in society that are better than I am.

Part II

Today on the bus I saw an old woman attempting to get on, or as I like to call it ‘enbussing’. She was struggling up the stairs, every step was like she was lugging a piano on her back. This was probably due to the fact that she is old and her body can’t move well because her joints and muscles suck.

Anyway, this enbussing process took a good 20 seconds, throwing off all the timing and flow of my daily commute. What made this situation even more vexing for me is that I had to stand due to the fullness of the bus and I like to sit (I try to get in about a good 14 hours of sitting every day).

So the entire time this scene was playing out my ire was increasing. I mean did she really have to go somewhere and take this bus? On my time? How selfish.

But something happen…..

A man, not much older than I, had a left side window seat near the front (prime real estate on the C Line bus going to downtown because of the great view of the Space Needle) got up and gave up his seat to the old woman, which forced the man in an uncomfortable standing position, as I was at the time.

When I saw this gesture of good will, I realized that this man is a man of integrity and principle; far more than I am.

Other than the fact I would have never forfeited an a-one bus position like that to the very woman who was delaying my commute, it is also true that my first instinct was to rush to the front and steal the seat before she could get herself in the position to sit down. Don’t worry, I was too far away to make that a tangible action.

So cheers to you, man who offered his seat to the old lady, you are truly a better man than me.