The Twists and Turns of Self-Discovery

This past Fourth of July, I decided to take a ‘Me’ day; I felt out of the past 180+ days, only about 80% were ‘Me’ days and that just simply is not enough.

So what does a ‘Me’ day consist of for yours truly? Well, buying junk food and binge-watching some TV.

In order to properly prepare for this celebration of ‘Me’, I went to the proverbial store, which surprisingly turns out to be an actual store, to buy some tasty treats.

I bought some Chips Ahoy, some Oreos (chocolate stuffed because, well, they taste better), some candy bars, two pints of designer ice cream, potato chips, some milk for my Lucky Charms cereal, and a frozen pizza for dessert. Sounds like a feast fit for a king, if that king was morbidly obese and had no regard for healthy food.

But there was something else I threw in to my bag-o-goodies; some pretzels. I haven’t had pretzels in a long time. I remember liking them. In fact, I’ve always maintained that the fast food society has not yet fully capitalized on the ‘pretzel bun’ idea (a post for another time). However these were hard pretzels, not those soft bun-like kind. But again, I remember liking these guys as well. Also, they were on sale for $2, so why not? I mean granted, these things cannot possbily be eaten before the miasma of sweet/salty delights already dwelling in my cart, but $2 is a pretty good deal.

I journeyed home, turned on the TV to catch up on some Better Call Saul, and began my full day of ‘Me’.

After the first show, I became quite a bit peckish, so decided to dive into my new-found sugary booty recently claimed. I started with the cookies, chocolate chip to be exact. They were good. But after about 4, I was ready for a change.

I went back to my newly stocked cubbard and saw the pretzels….just sitting there innocent enough. I thought to myself ‘those chips will be there later for me, let’s give the pretzels a shot. I mean I already sank $2 in them, why not?’.

Granted not the greatest conversation one can have with oneself, but whatever.

Anyway, I started eating said pretzels and lo and behold……they were really good!! I mean really good!!! So much in fact I almost ate the entire bag in one sitting.

Then I realized: I really like pretzels. And you what….I always have liked them.

The fact I have not delved into this twisted breaded world more often is beyond me. I mean seriously, I have bought pretzels like 3 times in my life, and I think once was on a dare. I never regretted the purchase, but I guess I always forgot how much I like pretzels. This makes no sense at all. But maybe all of us really like something and then in time, simply forget about it. Maybe it is a song, or a movie, or a even a person you know. Why some things just fall out of memory doesn’t make much sense. But it does happen.

So I want to prevent this tendency of forgetting things of high quality. We should not only embrace the things we like, we should remember them and visit them more often. I think all of our lives will be the better for it.

Next time I go to the store, the first aisle I will go down will NOT be the cookie aisle, the candy aisle, or the chips aisle. It will be the pretzel aisle!!!

Side note: Technically the pretzel aisle is the same as the cookie, candy, and chips aisle………..but that’s not the point………whatever.