Can't....Stop....the Spinning

I do not understand revolving doors. You know the ones, typically found as entrances for big fancy buildings that may or may not be gold plated.

I seriously hate those things. You really have to concentrate and time your walk correctly or else you may get lodged in there, or maybe even get severed in half. And if you are lucky enough to be on point with entering in the spinning phase of the door, good luck trying to get out. Because once again, one misstep can equal something real bad. And good luck when someone is on the inside pushing one of the rotors, varying the tempo of the rotation.

It makes no sense to me why these doors are ever preferred. Sure they look sort of swanky and en vogue, but the complicated nature in itself should deter the construction of these things. Why not use the tried and trusted regular door? Yeah, the one with the knob or push/pull pad. These doors are safe, easy to use, and not once has anyone ever been afraid of being sliced in two by these doors.

What can make matters worse is when these revolving doors are located in bar/restaurants. Say what? A bar and/or restaurant is a place people drink, have fun, and socialize. People are not in the right frame of mind to solve the labyrinthine enigma which is the revolving door. Exiting the Blarney Stone at 1am after a few pints with a revolving door is like the series of obstacles like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Did you know that revolving doors account for the second most door-related tragedies in the US (#1 being exploding doors)? I once was caught in a revolving door for 10 minutes waiting for the proper time to egress this morbid merry-go-round.

Revolving doors serves no purpose at all, other than possibly adding a miniature gold aspect to urban life. And although that may sound fun on the surface, wait until you see the killing fields surrounding the Columbia Tower on Cherry and 5th. All fun and games until some gets hurt, huh?