People...They are the WORST!

People…..they are the worst!

I think my headline picture says it all.

So I am going on the elevator in my new place of residence to head for floor 6. So other asshole walks on there right after me and presses 2.

Yes, 2.

What an asshole.

Really? Can’t walk up one damn floor? It is not like you are crippled or old or had bags whatever. Just walk up one damn flight of stairs. I mean it would be quicker anyway. Also might burn a few calories. Or best yet, I don’t have to deal with your selfish self.

Later that day, I am walking down the stairs at my work. And who is walking up at the same time? Three people all side by side. Guess how many moved to let me go through? None of them. None. I guess those doctors/researchers are so damn fuckin’ important that I am not even allowed to proceed down the stairs. Can you not suspend your conversation about how much you DON’T understand about statistics to let a fellow co-worker go safely down and not have to almost trip and scrunch myself in a corner as I squeeze by? Assholes.

Finally, on the bus home, some homeless bum gets on the bus, ‘negotiates’ with the driver to get on for free, drags his smelly shitty shitsack, and holds up the entire ride to go… stop. Asshole. I think any of those homeless shits should have to explain to the driver where they are going exactly and why they have be there. Waste of damn time. Oh, we can to make sure the bus gets you to your meth dealer so you can mess your life up more and have this bleeding heart naive local government give you more handouts while all lower-middle class Seattle suffers.

ARGH!!!!!!!!! People, they are the worst!!!