Dogs, Silly Dogs

My dog does silly and goofy things. She makes faces, she gets way too excited about going outside, always searches for a sunbeam in my place to lay in even though it is 90 degrees, she lays on the cold wood floor when it is 50 degrees, she eats dirt, etc. So call her such a goofy little dog, smile and move on.

But if you think about it, all dogs are silly. Yet we all laugh and call our dogs the silliest of the dogs, despite the fact all dogs are silly.

This lead me to think if there are any serious dogs out there; dogs that are not goofy and are always in a sober and controlled frame of mind.

I wonder if there are any dogs that:

  • Sleep in the other room, wait for their owner to wake up, and be patient for him/her to get ready to take them out, understanding that weekends are later days than work days

  • While you are gone, they do a little work around the house, clean a bit, dust a tad, just to earn their keep because they know they get to eat and sleep there for free

  • When you return, they kindly greet you and understand that this is your time to unwind, so getting a walk immediately is a lot to ask

  • During your walks, they greet other dogs with grace instead of yanking at the leash in a blind frenzy

  • When meeting a new dog, they don’t lose interest in 10 seconds

  • When the day is over, there is no mad dash to the bed to see who gets the nice warm spot. The dog understands that he/she has their own bed to sleep in and after the long day of cleaning and meeting new dogs, it is now time to sleep for a full 7 hours in their OWN bed.

Maybe a highly trained dog would be considered a serious dog. But I still feel even those trained dogs are still goofy underneath that disciplined exterior. Even though they behave the way they are trained to behave, inside they want to shed all over your couch, eat some food off the floor, and puke on your bed.

So I don’t think any dog is inherently ungoofy. And maybe that is a good thing. So to all the dogs, the goofier the better. Bring some personality to our world. But grab a broom if you have some time.