Snow Day!!

Today is a snow day!!!

So what does that mean?


Schools shut down. Businesses take the day off. Buses are running with chains and very slow; some even re-route to avoid hills. People can’t go anywhere or can barely function because of the snow.

But I can.

Yes, I went to work. OK, I left early, but I went to work.

I took the bus. Sure it was slow, but I did it without complaining.

And when home, I watched TV. So I did NOT let a bit of frost deter me from my daily obligations.

It is sort of funny that here in Seattle the slightest touch of snow makes the city shut down. Some of this is due to lack of tools to clear the roads, deice the sidewalks, etc. It snows only 1-3 a year here so there is no need for a lot of plows. Some of it is due to the hills; Seattle is very hilly, so you can imagine ice can really make things dangerous. And some of it is because people here can be pussies.

Regardless, there is not a prettier city when dusted with snow than Seattle.