Keen Sense of Character

I have always fancied myself as a good judge of character. Sure, I have been wrong before, I am not that judgmental. But on average, my first impression of someone has a lot of accuracy to them (hence me being a pretty not bad teacher).

And once again my intuition about someone was correct.

There is this guy who goes tot he gym around the same time as I am. He is about 50, dyed black hair slicked back, relatively big guy but with a nice round gut, and has one of the most obnoxious struts you can find at a gym.

Granted, that alone does not make this guy a doucher. But he really had this air about him; this unctuous aura that seeps through all his pores and permeates the gym.

Oh yeah, he grunts.


Yes, he is one of those guys as well. No matter how heavy, how light, or how many reps, he yells out ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’ after every pull or push. And no, this is NOT a yelling gym, and definitely not a yelling time at the gym (5am is no time to go ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’).

One day he asked me to spot him. Doing my gym duty, I obliged. And after his series of ‘Ha’s, I actually warmed up to the guy. He was thankful and was not really a doucher.


A week later he wore this shirt to the gym:

Yes, he wore a deploables shirt……to the gym… Seattle.

In other words, my initial instincts were correct; he is a doucher. His judgement on gym attire is completely flawed and…well…he is a doucher.

A big one.

A big fat noisy doucher.

Moral to the story: trust your first impressions.