Valentine's Day

Hello everyone!! And I hope you are welcoming in my favorite holiday with the same vigor as I am……..Valentine’s Day!!!

Yes, Valentine’s Day, or V-Day (not to be confused with VE-Day…..a much more important day) is something we all look forward to every year, single and couples alike.

Now you might say to yourself ‘Hey wait a moment….this is so out of character for you’. And my response to that is….


I love love, and love love’s me. Always been true. And no other day celebrates this side of me more that this day today.

I think the biggest reason why I LOVE this day so much is how natural and unforced this holiday is. I mean it is nothing like Christmas; a holiday born out of commercialized and guilt you into buying things like jewelry, cards, and candy. Oh no no no my friend. Valentine’s Day is nothing like that.

Let me take you on a journey….a journey that will share with you the origin of Valentine’s Day and where it gets it’s true authentic meaning from.

It all started in 269 AD when soon-to-be Saint Valentine died. Then 200+ years later in 496, people celebrated this day to honor the fallen martyr.

Fast Forward ~1500 years later and now we buy cards, candy, and jewelry for each other, still hanging onto the true meaning of Valentine’s Day………martyrdom…….ERREERERERER love. I meant love.

Anyway, I hope everyone out there is either falling in love all over again with their significant other or hitting on desperate singles in hopes of getting lucky. Regardless, I am sure it is the way St. Valentine is looking down from heaven smiling at all of us.

Or he is trapped in hell, with demons poking at him with sharp sticks for eternity because he chose the wrong God.

Either way, he will be celebrated.