Ad Nauseum

I watch a good amount of TV. That is where I get my news and entertainment. It’s my window to the world. I like TV.

I do tend to watch the same type of shows and channels, and when you do that, you tend to see the same commericals over and over again. Most of the time I can ignore the ads while I play Candy Crush Soda, but there are a few that, well, make me mute or turn the channel.

Case 1: Liberty Mutual ‘Named Car Brad’

If you haven’t seen it, feel lucky and don’t click here

The set-up of the ad I don’t mind; boring and non-descript. But the story she tells…!! You named your car Brad? WTF!!!!! Brad? You named your fuckin car? What the hell is wrong with you? Then there is a happy dance that ensues? No goddam way! Why in the hell would I ever want insurance from a pitchwoman who acts like a retarded Forrest Gump?

Case 2: Meet the Hoopers

If you want nightmares, click here

Another damn insurance ad. Maybe the industry has too much money? Hmm….

Anyway, these are great professional basketball players; proud and verile. So why do we have one in a dress and two acting like infants? Not only is it creepy and distrubing, it is also belittling and insulting to the cast. This Hooper family is the most dysfunctional clan since the Donner party.

Case 3: State Farm ‘Never… Never…..Never’

For pure idiocy, click here

Finally this one. Wow, another insurance commerical. Who woulda thunk it?

Other than the main guy in the ad is a complete doucher who deserves the worst in life, the joke is that he thinks he will never do all of these things like marriage, having kids, etc. At the end of the ad he is holding his daughter and says he will never let go. Yet…..this is a man, shown on film, to literally do the opposite of what he says. In every instance I have ever seen this guy in action, he renegs on his internal promises of his life and goes rogue. In other words, State Farm is advertising a future deadbeat dad. Nice work Farm execs.

Like a shitty neighbor, State Farm isn’t there.

Maybe I need to diversify my watch list………….