Whiskey Review: Eagle Rare (10 Year)

I know I have been talking a lot about scotch on here. And the reason…well….it is really good.

But there are many other types of whiskeys that deserve some attention. There is bourbon, American whiskey, Irish whiskey, rye, Japanese whiskey, and blends of all types. Each one of these subgroups of whiskey has their own merit.

So today let’s delve into the world of bourbon.

First off, there is a popular misconception that in order to be a ‘bourbon’, you have to be made in Kentucky; where the county of Bourbon is located as is credited with this style. Not so amigo!!! Some labelings are bound by law to where they are made (eg: scotch must be made in Scotland and Irish whiskey must be made in Ireland), but not bourbon.

That being said, there are some strict regulations that must be adhered to in order to earn the label ‘bourbon’:

  • Made in the USA

  • Must be made with at least 51% corn

  • Aged in NEW oak containers (not true with scotch)

  • Distilled at no more than 80% alcohol, aged at 62.5% alcohol, and bottled at at least 40% alcohol

The main part of this is the corn. You know that fiery bite and sharp sweetness that goes with bourbon? Yeah, that’s the corn.

And if you don’t know that sweet burning bite….well dammit….try a bourbon sometime!

More specifically, give Eagle Rare a shot. Made out of Buffalo Trace (a huge distributor of many American whiskeys), Eagle Rare is everything a bourbon should be.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the tasting notes:

Nose: Not the strongest of noses, but keep sniffing, because there is something there. Citrus, oak, and sweetish honey is present. Although not as pungent as other bourbons, does it really matter? I mean you are going to drink it soon enough anyway.

Taste: It is an easy dram to drink. Bold and sweet, like most bourbons, Eagle Rare has all the tastes you would want from a bourbon. Brown sugar. Check. New oak. Check. Honey. Check. Orange peels. Check. Burn. Check.

Finish: A medium finish, Eagle Rare does not hold you hostage like other whiskeys; it lets go of your taste buds and readies for another sip. Sometimes this is not what you want, but most of the time this is actually a good thing. It permits you to sip a bit more without being overblown by the previous tastes. It renews itself in your mouth.

Overall, this is basic bourbon, but basic is a good thing. When you cover the fundamentals as well as Eagle Rare, you cannot help but enjoy (well, unless you don’t like whiskey at all…but I digress). And what makes this even better is the price; $30 for a bottle. YES! An entire bottle for around $30. I am not sure you can find a better deal for a quality bourbon than that.

So get out there, strap one of these on, and sip the evening away.