Free Hat!!

I have always considered myself a fashion aficionado, a ‘Mr. Spewwell’ of sorts. I like to watch ‘What Not Wear’, judge people harshly based on what they have on, and literally every single day, I wear clothes.

So I feel it is my duty to question the whole flat brim thing.

I mean look at this:

Or this:

Or this:

Why is this become a thing? I mean for years, the mark of a good hat was in a worn-in brim, fitted snug around your head, and with no stickers. And now, well, it is just the opposite; completely flat-brimmed, no shape to the body, and with stickers on it. Witch stickers! WTF?!?!

Now I know this is a young man’s style and old folks like myself are not permitted to wear headgear of the ilk. But as a semi-frequent wearer of hats, and as a well established fashionista, I simply cannot just stand by idly and let this younger generation dictate this New World Order of hat style.

It just looks weird. Yes, I said it. IT just looks weird. The entire thing makes me uncomfortable. And I hope it makes you feel awkward as well. Please do not enable this trend and tell a friend when you see their brim evenly fitted across their, tell them to bend it.

Thank you for your time.