War of the Wars

If you told me 10 years ago, when Iron Man came out (the first hint of this Marvel Universe), that I would be looking forward to these silly comic book movies over a sequel trilogy to Star Wars…..well I would have punched you in the throat and stole your wallet.

But you would have been right. Although to be fair, I still would have maybe stole your wallet.

I saw Infinity War last night and, well, it was so damn awesome. It is rare to have a movie with so much build-up deliver like this. It is ambitious, funny, dark, wildly entertaining, deep, and a complete roller coaster of a film. Granted, you have to have seen at least a few of the previous set-up films to fully get what was going on, but…WOW!! You actually care about these silly superheroes. And it only took 17 movies to do so.

Now let’s look at Star Wars; episode 7 a completely derivative cowardly film just dusting off the libretto from 1977 with winks and nods at its nostalgic onlookers. And episode 8, although not as bad as 7, felt weird, uneven, and definitely not a Star Wars film. But most of all, I don’t care at all about what is going on in this Star Wars extension. Who cares about Ren, Rey, or Captain Phasma? Maybe you do, but I certainly don’t. I thought I would, I mean Star Wars is my generations mythology. It is the franchise that defines my youth. And now, well, it is something else. And that something else is something I am only interested in because of my history with it. Definitely not because f the quality of work.

These Marvel movies are just simply better. Not all are created equal (Black Panther/Captain America 2,3/ Avengers 1/Thor 3/Iron Man/Dr Strange > Thor 2/Guardians/Avengers 2), but they are work together in a nice synergy. It is obvious that a lot of planning and care has happened in the prep for this huge Marvel Universe. And it pays off. I mean not only in terms of money (I mean this franchise almost literally prints stack of cash), but in quality. I am absolutely dumbfounded how this nerdy niche comic book thing has turned into what it has, and I am now all on board with it.

Star Wars…..not so much at all. And that saddens me.

So yes my friends, Infinity War is the war of choice for me. This new installment is worth the price and your time. Even though the Russo brothers stole (or paid homage) from LoTR a lot. And I mean a lot.

But maybe that is a reason why I like it so much. :)