Better Watch Saul

Do you watch Better Call Saul?

Well if not, you better.

Coming this Monday (August 6) season 4 of Better Call Saul starts. Previous three seasons are on Netflix. Get going!

I was brushing up on my Better Call Saul this past week and quickly realized how amazing this show is. Granted, we all know that Breaking Bad is the greatest TV show of all time, so to make a prequel that doesn’t pale in comparison to the behemoth is darn near impossible.

Well folks, welcome to the impossible.

Not only does Better Call Saul not pale in comparison, it actually rivals Breaking Bad. To be fair, it is not quite as good as Breaking Bad, but it is close, and is at least a welcome addition to the Breaking Bad-verse. This is showing the impeccable story writing and world building of Vince Gilligan.

So I am going to say this….and you cannot stop me………..

Better Call Saul is the GREATEST PREQUEL EVER!!!


Yes, I just said it.

Yes, I know there are not many prequels out there. Besides the Hobbit and those Star Wars ones, it is hard to come up with any more. Prometheus? Red Dragon? OZ, Great and Powerful? Temple of Doom? Bambi II (yes, that’s real)? None of those even touch Saul.

In fact, I can’t imagine a better possible prequel. Prequels are tough to make; you are bound to the previous source material and is always compared to the original (which is usually more popular).

Better Call Saul nails it in every way; can act as a stand alone yet the original brings much more depth to the show and references to the original are not heavy handed.

This Monday, you will know what I will be…….