Back in Black

So I am not the biggest superhero movie fan. I am stunned by all of the success of these Marvel and DC movies. I mean these studios are just printing money the way they are killing it at the box office.

It is not that I don’t like these movies, in fact I think the Marvel movies are very good; the way they are building an entire series and each film introduces a new facet to the mix is very well done.

But I didn’t think this new Marvel movie, Black Panther, would be any good at all. I mean c’mon now….Black Panther? He is sort of a stupid character; like a merger of Batman and Spider-man but with no cache or importance at all.

So when I read all the rave reviews for this, I was thinking this is just a byproduct of the superhero zeitgeist and inflation of positive movie reviews. Also I was thinking this could be some PC thing; ‘oh black people in it, I like it’ or ‘women warriors in it, that is great’.

Despite my skepticism, I went to see Black Panther on Sunday. And I was wrong.

This movie kicks ass.

It really is good. Maybe a top 3 Marvel movie. Yes, it was really good.

I won’t get into all the reasons why it was so good. Honestly it is very simple why it was good; great story, well paced, acting was good, great balance between fun and depth, and was just entertaining from start to end. Yeah, it was a bit preachy at times and a tad silly about a few things, but those are nits.

What this movie really does do a good job of is making this lame third-rate character of Black Panther into an interesting and important character while weaving his story into what will be coming soon……

Infinity Wars!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why am I excited about this? I have never read a comic book. I never really wait with baited breath about the next Marvel iteration. Well, until now I guess.

So if this movie can get me geared up for even more Marvel films, well mission accomplished Black Panther.