By George!!!

Oh my god!! The most amazing thing happened this week. I cannot believe this just happened.

On Monday, Robert Mueller rolled out his first round of indictments for this Russian/Trump thing. Some of the names we are familiar with, Paul Manafort being the main one.

But there was another name…..a name that me and many other 40ish year olds are very very familiar with that simply had no idea he would be involved with this type of meddling.

George Papadopoulos.

Yes, George Papadopoulos.

You know that name? If not, here is a reminder……

  • Emmanuel Lewis: Ma’am? George?

Now do you know?

OK, another hint:

YES!!! The guy on the left!! That’s Alex Karras as TV’s George Papadapolis; the father on Webster.

You know Webster; the midget black orphan adopted by a white family, aka: the cheap rip-off of Different Strokes.

First off, I want to use this time to elaborate my complete displeasure that Alex Karras is not the NFL Hall of Fame. He was one of the greatest defensive ends in history and the Lions should put up a campaign to get him in. Sure, the main reason why he is not in is because the NFL is mad about that side hustle he had with wrestling and the fact he was caught gambling on games, but so did Paul Hornung and that over-rated sack of poo is in the Hall. Get Alex Karras in there!

Oops, sorry, don’t want to make this a sports post. I’ll digress……

Anyway, the dad on Webster has the same name as the main squealer in the Mueller case.

What are the frickin’ chances?

I mean it is not like the name ‘George Papadapolis’ is a ‘John Smith’ or anything. It is George Papadapolis!!!!

I mean c’mon now. That is insane.

And no, I do not care that it is spelled slightly different. The last name Papadapolis/Papadopoulos?!?!?! Pronounced the same way? I know the first name is not that unusual, but to have the name Papadapolis/Papadopoulos is insane enough, but to couple it with George? I mean I can’t wrap my head around this.

We can only hope this amazing coincidence can help resurrect the popularity of this 80’s sitcom. The profile of Webster has faded over the years, possibly due to its vanilla storylines that seem to always revolve around the fact Webster was short, or possibly because the show was completely unnecessary. Either way, this name thing is exactly what the doctor ordered for Webster.

We will see if Stu Silver and Co. (the creator) can capitalize on this and make this show culturally relevant once again. If not, I am pretty sure this opportunity will never come again.