Well Shit, Glad You Had Fun

Katie Couric is at the Winter Olympics. She is one of the hosts of the Games. When she was buddying around with the other commentators, she was recounting how beautiful South Korea is and how much fun she is having.

Well fuck!!! Glad to hear you are having a good time and all of this is about you.

I absolutely hate it when celebrities go on TV and announce how much fun they have when working. IT is not good enough that they are famous, loved by all, and get paid ridiculous amounts of money; they are also having fun.

I don’t want to hear this. I don’t need to hear how Paul Rudd had such a great time working with Robert Downey Jr. while shooting Captain America on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Or how Dan Patrick is really enjoying the atmosphere in Minnesota at the Super Bowl. I want to hear they are having a terrible time, drudging through hours and hours of work and monotony, getting in fights with co-workers, and just wishing they were never born. Then I can feel that they are earning their spoils.

But nooooooo. Instead these guys are gallivanting around the world, palling around with other celebrities, and just living the live of kings. While I, on the other hand, have to stand on a bus to get to work every day, pound out thousands of lines of code, and go home to my little condo and sit alone with my dog as I make some shitty dinner for myself. Can I at least hear from Saoirse Ronan that making Lady Bird was a pain in the ass and never want to do it again?

Yeah, we will probably never hear that good, and relatable, stuff from these famous folks. All is good and no problems. Let’s just hope Katie Couric breaks her ankle or something to wipe that smile off her face.