I love Melissa McCarthy. I mean she is my all-time #1 crush. She is funny, cute, and a great interview.

But her agent needs to be fired.

She is in a new movie called ‘Happy Time Murders’. It has puppets. It has a 22% Rotten Tomato rating. It looks awful.

Did I mention it has puppets?

Melissa may be the most talented person out there who has been in the most bad movies. Now I would argue that she is NOT the reason why her bad movies are bad. They are just bad because the concept is bad, the script is not funny, or whatever.

Now she has been in some very funny films. The Heat, Bridesmaids, Spy are all very good. And what do all of those have in common? Paul Feig. Yes, Paul Feig is her goto director. Yeah, Ghostbusters for women is a stupid idea (and America agreed by ignoring it), but they work get together. Her turkey films? Not Paul Feig.

This one is directed by Brian Henson (yes, of the Jim Henson family) and some guy named Todd Berger wrote the jokes. Know what all of these guys have in common? They are all not Paul Feig.

So this looks like another Melissa McCarthy dud. Sad too, because she has so many yet being so funny. Maybe the next film she does will be good. Of course from her previous selections, that gives us about a 25% shot.

Did I mention this thing has puppets?