If You Build It, They Will Come

Who would have thought this……

Back in the early 80’s, there were these things called Legos. Invented by John Lego in Denmark during the economic recession of 1978, Lego’s were just building blocks for kids. Sure, some had some theme, like space or medieval stuff, and sure we all loved them as kids, but we grow up and move on.

Then in the 90’s, Lego got involved with movie franchises like Star Wars and made themed sets that continued their dominance in the building-blocks-for-kids world.

Then in the 2000’s, Lego introduced video games themed on said movie franchises; light-hearted games for kids that were so clever than adults ended up playing the games as much as kids.

OK, so that is the history of Lego; a toy primarily for kids that have some adult nostalgia attached to it, but really Lego is FOR KIDS.

Well, not so fast.

In 2014, Lego launched their first movie, aptly named ‘The Lego Movie’. It came out in February, which typically means the movie will suck. Couple that with the fact this entire movie on the surface feels like a 90 minute commercial for Legos.

Well, guess what? It was nothing of the sort.

The Lego Movie was the surprise hit of 2014; a movie that obviously kids were interested in, but also received huge critical acclaim because it kicked so much ass. I will maintain it is the funniest, most clever, and just down right fun movie I have seen in the 2010’s. How a movie can be so funny without one cuss word or adult theme in this day and age is quite amazing.

So now you have this new Lego movie; Batman Lego Movie. OK, now Lego has gone too far. Batman Lego? This is now a commercial for TWO franchises.

But guess what? It is AWESOME!!!!

Seriously. It is the equivalent to the first in almost every single way. It is a little bit busy with the effects and was almost too dense with humor and action for its own good, but those are minor nits. This movie was enjoyable from start to finish.

Whoever is working on these films (and the video games as well) are downright geniuses. We thought we were living in an era where Disney owns the monopoly on clever humor and storylines that have a surprising amount of heart that can engage both parent and scion; the ‘kids movies that adults can watch as well’ genre.

Well, sorry Disney. Lego is actually BETTER, yes BETTER than the past few Disney films. Yeah, there are on;y two of these movies from Lego, but they are both funnier, more action-packed, and have just as much heart as any Disney film since the first Lego film came out in 2014.

You have to see these movies. Yes, they are that good. And no, no one would have ever in a million years expected that Lego…Lego of all things….would be making movies that are as good as anything being made today.