Just Stop It...Please

So there is this thing called TikTok. Or is it called Instagram Reels. Or whatever.

Anyway, it sucks. All of it sucks. It makes you stupid. Stop watching it.

But there is this trend (or should I say ‘hastag trend’) on these outlets where people talk to themselves as if they are two different people. It is like a little skit. And hilarity ensues.

But it DOESN’T ENSUE!!! No hilarity ensues at all. These little bits of vanity mixed in with some attempt at observational humor is just sooooo goddamn painful to watch.

And it has to stop.

Now you may say, ‘well, you idiot, why don’t you just simply stop watching it yourself’. But there are two problems with this:

  1. This kind of art-form is not just detrimental to the viewers of said swill, but it harms our community as a whole. The fact that others encourage this type of behavior and deem it entertainment is not only a sad reflection on our society today, but sullies all art-forms en masse. Instead of people listening to Beethoven’s 9th or reading Moby Dick, these people are mindlessly staring a little screen watching some jackass face left and say something, face right and say something, left, right, left, right, end scene.

  2. I can’t avoid it. This talk-to-self short video form has permeated too deep to simply escape.

This is the problem when technology is too easy and too available for all; too many untalented hacks can now spread their ‘oh so clever’ ideas on an international scale. Entertainment should not be a democracy, not everyone deserves to put their version of humor out in the open; it clogs up the scene for too many deserving people.

So there you go friends. Please stop looking towards these social media outlets for your tiny nuggets of entertainment; these offerings just dull your mind, feed our short attention span, and takes time away from doing more important things.

Like reading my blog.