And Justice For None

At this time of year, every single week a new big movie comes out. Whether it is Oscar bait or just a big-budget slam-bam movie, October-December is the time for these to be freed from their reels and set out on the viewing public.

This week: Justice League.

You know this one, right? It is the one where they are uniting a mess of superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, some guy named Cyborg, and Aquaman (finally!!! Am I right?) in a not-so-obvious answer to the popularity of the Avengers series of films.

Anyway, I am sure you have seen the commercials for this and as you have seen, it looks pretty pathetic.

But I am not one to prejudge. I am one to read what other people say about it and claim that to be my opinion. It saves me $12 and 2 hours of my time.

So as I do every week, I like to go to Rotten Tomatoes to see how the critics are feelings about this guy.

But…………no review.

Say what?

No review? I mean this movie premieres in a few hours and yet no reviews?


This is a bad sign for sure. Then all of the sudden…..POP!!!

40% on the Tomatometer.

Yeah, that’s not good. But it is certainly not the worst rating DC comics have encountered; Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman illustrate this. So why did these reviews come out so late?

Well, it came out that Rotten Tomatoes made a deal with the makers of the film to release the series of reviews later than usual, for reasons unclear.

Now the fact Rotten Tomatoes agreed to this is somewhat odd, maybe they are a bit shaken by the fact that they have achieved a power in cinema that they never imagined and want to not wield this force over the movie industry as much as they inadvertently do. Maybe they got paid off. Anyway, what is even funnier is the fact that the makers of the film have no confidence in their product. The studio always make their big money on opening weekend, so a bad review can kneecap that. Obviously the people associated with this thing feel that…well….it probably sucks. And they are probably right.

But again that is besides the point. I can’t believe film studios are willing to spend so much money at these projects, see their shitty results, try to hide the the fact that it sucks, then do the exact same thing all over again!!!!! It is pretty hilarious at first but when you think about it deeper, you get horrified. Why do they make the same damn mistakes over and over again? Well, probably because these crappy films still make money will little effort on their behalf. I mean hell, they make one of these DC films every year, how much hard work is really put in these things? As long as it has recognizable characters in it and you throw enough money at it, you get a ‘hit’. Who cares about thought.

I mean Aquaman is in it. How thoughtful can this movie be?