Just Finish!!

Just finish it George RR Martin, just finish it already!!!

I’m sick and tired of checking updates on your progress. I’m exhausted hearing about how long and bloated the next two books will be. And I am certainly done with your threats about adding an 8th book.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a 3 book series? What the hell happened?

All of the sudden in book 4, I am learning waaaaay too much about Pyke and the stupid Sandsnakes. Stop with the fleshing out of these tertiary families. Stop with the red herrings like Griff and that entire Quentyn Martell nonsense.

I’ve read all the books, seen all the episodes (twice), read the wiki pages, and still don’t know what a white walker is. C’mon now…….

We all know the show has passed the books, and even though I actually enjoy the show more and this season has been great, I feel there is a lack of depth unlike previous seasons. Maybe this is due to the fact there is no source material I am read up on, but I think the Martin/HBO marriage is becoming a tad rocky.

We also know in the final seasons (7 and 8) there will be now only 13 episodes to conclude the tales of Westeros. This feels very contradictory to the idea that Martin’s final books are in fact the longest of the series.

Look George, take a cue from Breaking Bad and end a story when it should end, not just whenever you are tired of writing about it.

There are 1.5 million American people with the name of ‘George’ and 804,000 with the last name ‘Martin’. There are 610,000 American people who die of heart disease every year.

It stands to reason there will be a ‘George Martin’ this year that will die of heart disease.

Let’s face it. You are not a paragon of health.

So sit your fat ass down, work those sausage-like fingers around the keyboard, and FINISH IT!!