Save the Last Dance for Me

With so many interesting pop culture things popping up, I couldn’t get to this shiny nugget until now:

Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi

Say what?!?!?!?!!?

The last Jedi? Wait a second here. The last Jedi?

You know what this implies, right? There is no more than 1 Jedi; not 4, not 3, not even 2. There is only 1.

This also implies there are no more to follow. To be the last of anything means there are none to follow. So after this Jedi is gone, Jedi no more will they be.

Granted, this is a better situation than being at 0 Jedi. In fact it is infinitely better (0*anything is NOT = 1). But I would prefer ep 8 to be subtitled ‘Many, Many Jedi’, or ‘Tons of Jedi’, or ‘Look at all the Jedi; Too Many to Count’, Not ‘There is Only One More of These Jedi, so Too Bad’.

So who is this last Jedi? I bet it is Luke, as in Luke Skywalker. I mean we see him at the end of ep. 7 and he is looking rather Jedi-esque. So let’s go with that.

I mean I like Luke, and if anyone is going to be the very last Jedi, it might as well be him. But say it ain’t so Disney!! Star Wars with zero Jedi? Well, that would be Rogue One, and we all know how not great that movie was.

We will see what Disney and Co. have in store for this last of Jedi. Maybe Rey will become a new Jedi, maybe that pussy Kylo Ren turns to the light side, or maybe even Jar Jar comes out of nowhere and reinvents the Jedi Council. Who knows?

I do trust Rian Johnson; the director of such films as Looper, Brick, and some of the best Breaking Bad episodes of the series. However I do not trust the way he spells his first name. And I do not trust the idea of a ‘Last Jedi’. Hopefully ep 9 will be subtitled ‘Psyche! There are a Few More Jedi’, or ‘Hey, I Found Some More Jedi Over Here’.

Because if ep 9 is subtitled ‘Sorry, No More Jedi’, well, then the Star Wars franchise is no better than The Last Starfighter.