I Have a Fever, And the Only Cure is More Mascot

There has been a lot of talk about the representation of minorities in the media. Black people feel slighted, hispanics feel left out, asians want more, and Native Americans just gave up.

To give you an idea of the national demographics of race: 12.6% are black, 16.7% are hispanic, and 4.8% are asian. Whether any of these races have been slighted by the ‘white man who runs the media machine’ will be a post for another day. But as for me, I really don’t rally on any of these causes. I have one of my own….

I want to see more men/women in prominenet roles dressed up in funny mascot gear.

I love a good and goofy mascot bumping around. It always makes me laugh. Whenever I see the inflatable Grease Monkey mascot on the road, I honk. Whenever I see the Philly Phanatic on tv, I laugh. Whenever the San Diego Chicken visits my town, I go.

However despite these brief and rare appearances, you rarly see these creatures in major leading roles. Sure, we see them in the background of sporting events, and if lucky we may see them be the centerpiece of a halftime competition where they fall over each other, but that just is simply not enough for me.

ESPN has partnered with Capital One in creating more and more commericials with this demographic in mind. I hope this helps with overall awareness. But I need to see these things before I am satisfied:

  • A mascot in a romantic comedy. I don’t care if it is a human-based mascot like the Michigan St Spartan, a anthropormorphized version of an animal like Wilbur the Wildcat, or an amorphic shape no one knows what it is, I need to see this on the big screen.

  • A mascot in a major role in the Star Wars universe. Apparently in episode 4-6, all bad guys have english accents, most good guys were white men, and there was one woman in the entire universe. In ep 7-9, apparently women are stronger than men and will be forced in every major role. I need a mascot involved. Period. Make him a jedi, make her an old sage, make it a rogue stormtrooper. I don’t care. They need some represenation.

  • A mascot nominated for an Oscar in a leading role. Put one in an Oscar-bait movie, such as a biopic or one about a mentally challenged person making his/her way through life. There are roles that just lend itself to nomination yet I have never seen a mascot or anyone dressed up as a goofy but loveable fuzzy character ever cast in these roles.

I don’t think this is much to ask. Mascots bring joy and silly fun to every situation. The fact they are not involved in our lives more is wrong, un-American, and…yes I’ll say it….criminal.

I blame Obama.