What's a Cow's Favorite Movie of 2016?

It’s MOOOOOOOOOOONLIGHT. Get it? Mooooooonlight, like a cow goes moo and stuff? Well, if you are not laughing as hard as I am right now, you may not get the subtlety of that joke.

Anyway, I happen to agree with our bovine friends on this one.

In order to prep properly for the Oscars, I decided to see some of the Oscar bait for this year and as stated earlier, Moonlight is by far the best out of what I have seen.

For those who have not seen it, here is a lengthy synopsis (SPOILER ALERT!):

  • A little Afro-American kid is growing up in the ghettos of Miami. His mom sucks. His dad is gone. But the guy from House of Cards fills in as some sort of father figure.

  • Time jump! He is in high school. Stuff happens.

  • Time jump! He is a grown man. More stuff happens.

I know I explained it in such a vivid way that you really don’t need to see this anymore, but trust me, it is EVEN BETTER than the way I explained it!

It is heart-warming without being grossly optimistic, it makes you feel and sympathize without being heavy-handed, it challenges you as a viewer without being overly complex, it it simply a great film without being a really bad film.

This is truly an Oscar-worthy film. If you look at the past few years of winners, they are all great movies but all serve different purposes:

  • Birdman is a deep and artistic film; Birdman made me think.

  • Spotlight is such a well crafted movie that tells an interesting story about that Northeast Catholic culture I knew very little about; Spotlight made me wiser.

  • Moonlight is about people, emotions, and life; Moonlight made me feel.

In fact I would say Moonlight even made me a better person, on how I see myself and the people around me. So if you haven’t seen it yet, it stands to say that I am a better person than you right now.

Go see this movie and close my moral superiority gap over you!