I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!!

Today is National Woman’s Day!!! So to celebrate this completely non-made up holiday, let’s rank the top 5 greatest female characters in movies or TV…………..in the history of the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Princess Leia

Let’s start with an easy one, probably the most readily recognizable female movie roles ever. She was strong, sassy, sexy, and something else that starts with ‘S’. Everyone loves Princess Leia, not only was she one of the first strong female roles in an adventure movie, she was the only female in the entire Star Wars universe.

4. Patty Hewes

If you have not seen Damages, see it right now!!! Oh my god! Glenn Close plays the most vile, Machiavellian, and interesting character I’ve seen in TV history. Glenn Close dominates every scene of this show like a female Daniel Day-Lewis. Whenever she was off screen, you would be asking ‘hey, where is Patty Hewes?’. If anything, watch the show just for her.

3. Marge Gunderson

Some say Meryl Streep is a true Hollywood treasure. Maybe so, but I would rather put Frances McDormand one notch ahead of her. She is pretty much great in every role she ever plays. But her best role was that of the unassuming but wickedly smart pregnant detective Marge Gunderson in Fargo. If I ever get murdered, I want her on the case.

2. Liz Lemon

I love Liz Lemon. She is tough, smart, awkward, and definitely funny as hell. Her relationship with Jack (Alec Baldwin) is maybe the best platonic relationship in TV history. I cannot tell you how many women I have met that claim to be like Liz Lemon, but I can confidently tell you that none of them are…..at all.

1. Imperator Furiosa

In a time where movies are pandering to the public with female characters that are ‘strong’ (aka: they fight…guess that is strong now), none fit the bill like Charlize Theron as Furiosa. There was no playing to the social climate with her. There was no exaggerated super-strength or amazing beauty. Hell, there wasn’t even a love interest. Furiosa was just strong. Not strong like a man or strong like a woman. Just strong. And awesome. She is the character that Hollywood should strive for, regardless on gender. And it only took a 71 year old Aussie creating this movie for over 15 years to show Hollywood how to do it right.